Golf VI GTI By MR Car Design

The Golf VI GTI has already been tuned by ABT and Mchip, but now German tuner MR Car Design have decided to have a go.

First up is their ECU upgrade, which boosts the GTI’s 2.0-litre TFSI power output by 50bhp and torque by 100Nm to a total of 260bhp and 380Nm. This drops the 0-62mph sprint to just 5.8 seconds, a feat which is aided by the Golf’s clever XDS electronic traction control, and increases top speed to 164mph.

To keep that power in check there is a new Stoptech braking system that consists of 4-piston calipers that grip 355x32mm slotted brake discs, as well as a Stahlbus brake caliper air vent plug.

The car is dropped by 50mm at the front and 40mm at the rear by fitting a KW Coilover V3 Inox system, and bursting out of the lowered wheelarches are some 19-inch Oxigin 14 alloys (8.5-inch width at the front and 9.5-inch at the rear), all wrapped in Vredestein tyres.

Finally, MR Car Design are offering to improve the golf’s soundtrack with their new sports, as well as offering a modified downpipe with sport catalyst.

Prices are available in the press release below.

Press Release

Golf VI GTI – speedy at everyday life

MR Car Design (APP base NRW) from Erftstadt is known for premium improvement, exclusive looking and serious converted cars according to customer requests.

Concerning the driving performances the generation VI from Wolfsburg has what it takes to the Power Golf of the GTI class: After a software improvement from MR Car Design for 949,00 Euro the sprint from zero to 100 km/h can be done in 5,8 sec. including Downpipe can you buy keppra in bahrain from MR Car Design. Helpful is the new electronic called XDS, which is supposed to improve the traction of the front wheel driven car. MR Car Design indicates the top speed with 263 km/h. Thanks to a maximum turning moment of 380 Nm and 260 hp the latest level of development of the 2.0 Turbo FSI makes the use of the gearshift mostly unnecessary. The engine already activates very strong in the low rotational frequency. The GTI from Erftstadt is therewith speedy at everyday life and fair in the consumption!

This GTI is equipped with a KW-thread-sport suspension V3 Inox. The front has been lowered 50mm and the back 40 mm. The sport suspension has a value of 1.529,00 Euro.

To be able get the output of the grown stronger core without any deficit on the street, the pros from Erftstadt not only used the sport suspension but also a superlative wheelwork (1.999,00 Euro). The aluminum rims Oxigin 14, size 8,5×19″ and 9,5×19″ have been equipped with high performance tires from Vredestein size 225/35-19.

MR Car Design furthermore mounted a Stoptech high performance brake system (2.999,00 Euro) with 4-piston and slotted brake discs size 355×32 mm.

Added to the brake system is a innovative brake caliper air vent plug (99,00 Euro) from Stahlbus.

For years MR Car Design produces exhaust systems and mufflers. All from first hand development and in highest quality and fitting accuracy. Newest product: the Golf VI GTI sport exhaust system (1.599,00 Euro). Optional available: Downpipe with sport catalyzer from MR Car Design (price on application).

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