Ford Focus Coupe Rumours Quashed

By now we should all have seen the pictures of the new Ford Focus, due early next year. And we’ve also had chance to get all giddy about the ST model, due later, but up until now we have only seen the five-door version.

2012 Ford Focus ST

Speculation has been rife about what the three-door will look like, and Auto Express had even gone as far as pitching a rendered mockup of a 3-door coupe as being the next Capri, based on Focus ST underpinnings. But Ford have remained tight lipped about the subject … until now.

“Wild speculation about a Focus coupe is making the rounds on websites in Europe, led by the attached link to Auto Express. I can tell you right now – and the coupe lovers hate to hear this – but there are no plans for this model. What do you think: Honestly, is there volume in the coupe market buy valium on internet anymore, or is five-door hatchback the way to go?” – Mark Schirmer, Ford

On the Ford Focus Facebook page there was a recent post by Mark Schirmer, communications manager at Ford, in which he quite clearly states that there is no plan for a Focus-based coupe. Check out his post below:

That’s a shame, IMO. Vauxhall and Renault have had huge success with their coupe-esque 3-door hatchbacks, and I think this is something that Ford should have taken seriously from the start. Yes, five doors are practical but personally I’d happily sacrifice that extra practicality for a much more handsome shape.

Notice how Schirmer asks readers for their opinion on whether or not there’s room in the market for a coupe Focus. So for now we’re stuck with five-door only but make your voice heard and you never know, we could get that coupe … so come on Ford, reconsider!

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