Alfa Mito GTA Under Threat

An unnamed source at Alfa Romeo is reportedly claiming that the Alfa Romeo Mito GTA may not make it into full production.

Autocar are quoting the anonymous Alfa spokesman as saying “There are question marks about the project but there is an unashamed keenness to get the green light.” Officially the car was never more than a concept, and with the effects of the global financial meltdown still being felt Alfa are nervous about bringing a high-performance hatch to the market.

The concept version has already made an appearance at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, as well as in the video below where it stars alongside a classic ’60s Alfa Junior. Should the Mito GTA get the green light for production it is now expected to be delayed until 2010 at the earliest.

Source: Autocar

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Author: Chris Auty

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