Faster Audi A1, Just Don’t Call It S1

There’s a new faster Audi A1 coming to the UK, but don’t get too excited – this isn’t the much anticipated S1.

Audi A1 1.4 TFSI

Audi have taken a 183bhp version of the 1.4 TFSI and dropped it into their baby hatchback, mating it to a seven-speed DSG gearbox. It’s the first Audi road car to use one of the clever twin-charged engines where a supercharger works from just 1500rpm and then a turbocharger kicks in at 3,500rpm. The result is 0-62mph in just 6.9 seconds and a top speed of 141 mph.

Engine1.4 TFSI
Power183 bhp
Torque184 lb/ft
0-62mph6.9 secs
Max Speed141 mph
Fuel Economy47 mpg
CO2 Emissions139 g/km
So what makes this A1 so different from the other VAG clones that use the same hardware? The Volkswagen Polo GTI, Skoda Fabia vRS and Seat Ibiza Cupra all use the same engine and gearbox, but to make the A1 stand out it’s got the most power of the bunch. The A1 has been given a whole 5bhp more than its cousins … woah, steady on Audi!

Keeping the power in check is an electronic limited slip differential, as well as an ESP system. S-Line specification comes as standard, bringing with it a sportier suspension setup, 17-inch alloys and part-leather seats.

Prices? Not yet finalised, but expect the A1 to cost noticeably more than the Polo, Fabia and Ibiza.

So what of the S1? Rumour has it that it is still in the works and may get the 210bhp 2.0-litre TFSI from the Golf GTI.

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Author: Chris Auty

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  1. It will be to expensive and to bland to drive for it to be taken seriously.

    Oh, and it’s hideous to look at.

  2. But that won’t stop people buying it, simply because it’s got those four rings on the grille.

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