Audi RS3 Black Optics Package

Audi are going to have to work fairly hard to convince hot hatch fans to part with nearly £40k for the new RS3, but by allowing buyers to customise their new ride Audi may be onto a winner.

Audi RS3 Black Optics

Audi RS3 Black Optics

Part of the Audi Exclusive range, the Black Optics package brings a touch of menace to the appearance of the RS3. The chrome work in the front grille, grille frame and license plate holder are replaced with gloss black items. The silver capped door mirrors are swapped for body-coloured caps, and at the back the the exhaust tips are replaced with new highly polished items.

While those changes are subtle, it’s the new wheels that really make the Black Optics package stand out. The black five-spoke wheels feature a red trim around the edge, and while they might not be to everyone’s taste there’s no denying it’s a distinctive design.

Price? Unknown at the moment, but they ain’t gonna be cheap.

Audi RS3 Black Optics

Wheels on Audi RS3 Black Optics might not be to everyone’s taste

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