Auto Express Best Hot Hatch 2011

Last night was the Auto Express awards show and in amongst the variuos awards on offer was the title of Best Hot Hatch of 2011. This year the Auto Express jury decided to award that title to the Volkswagen Golf GTI.

Volkswagen Golf GTI

The Golf actually won two awards. The sixth generation model won the Best Compact Family Car award, praised for its quality, refinement and affordable running costs.

But it was the GTI model that scooped that hot hatch award, a title it has now won three years in a row. With 208bhp and a 0-62mph time of 6.9 seconds it’s got the necessary where to buy levitra without a prescription performance credentials, but Auto Express acknowledge that there’s more to the Golf than a decent engine.

‘The Golf’s talented underpinnings can easily handle the GTI’s extra power, and its spacious cabin and high-quality trimmings help to make our winner both hugely desirable and very easy to live with.’ – Graham Hope, Auto Express Editor

So Auto Express think the Golf is the best hot hatch while What Car? think it’s the Renaultsport Megane 250 Cup. Those are two cars that are very different in character, so who’s right?

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Author: Chris Auty

Voted the Breakthrough Blogger of 2013 by SEAT and the Guild of Motoring Writers , Chris has lived and breathed cars since he was old enough to say 'faster'. With a penchant for hot hatches and an allergy to public transport, he would much prefer to drive a bad car than never drive at all. Fortunately his family has learned to put up with this obsession and the internet has provided a channel for his ramblings.

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  1. I do think some of these car of the year awards have different criteria. I think some awards might be for the best hot hatch that came out that year. Others for the best hot hatch on sale in 2011.

    Either way, both the GTI and Renault came out in 2009, so it seems both AE and WhatCar choose it on what’s the best on sale at the moment.

  2. I suspect AE rates reliability/refinement much more highly than the fun-factor, which surprises me as I thought WhatCar would go for the sensible option.

    I’m sure the Megane 250 is more exciting and quicker than the Golf, but if the driver surveys are to be believed the Golf would be a much better ownership experience. I know I really should want the Megane more but I’d pick the Golf if I were putting that much money into a hot hatch.

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