Electric Mini E Tackles Nürburgring

BMW’s electric Mini E has so far proven to be a big hit on trials in various cities, but now the battery powered has been taken out to the countryside to stretch its legs.

BMW Mini E At Nurburgring

The bit of countryside in question was none other than the Nürburgring Nordshcleife, with BMW intent on seeing just how quickly the Mini E could lap the 13-mile course.

However, the car was far from standard. It was first subjected to a series of weight-reducing changes (rip out the seats, fit plastic windows etc) and then some racing bits were added, including a rollcage, racing suspension and improved brakes and tyres.

The electric drivetrain was left almost standard, with 204bhp avvailable from the electric motor. The only major differences were longer gearing and a recalibration of the regenerative braking system.

The man behind the wheel was ex-DTM race driver Thomas Jäger. No stranger to the ‘Ring, Jäger managed to set a lap time of 9:51.45 with a maximum speed of 116.2 miles per hour. That’s far from being a record, but it’s not too shabby for a car powered by a set of glorified Duracells. It shows that there is some hope for fast electric cars, although just how many laps the Mini E would have been capable of completing remains a mystery.

Check out some of the highlights from a very foggy Nürburgring in the video below.

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Author: Chris Auty

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