Video:Caterham On Route 246 – GT5 For Real

This is one for the Gran Turismo fans. One of the best tracks, in my humble opinion, is Route 246, a circuit that takes you around the streets of Tokyo. Route 246 features some great high speed curves, wide road for plenty of overtaking and one of the longest straights in the game.

Caterham R500

Just as its possible to drive the Monaco Formula 1 circuit for real, so you can drive a full lap of Route 246 if you were to visit Tokyo. And that’s where to order topamax exactly what’s happening here – a Caterham R500 R300 Superlight lapping the real life equivalent of a gaming race circuit.

Sure, it’s a slow lap, but don’t forget this has been filmed on public roads with speed limits and traffic police to consider. Even then, it still makes interesting viewing for fans of the Gran Turismo series.

Caterham goes around Route 246 (GT5 track) from Remi Schouten on Vimeo. Thanks to and for sharing.

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  1. You say its an R500 but the decals say Superlight R300…

  2. Well spotted Andrew! Serves me right for taking it for granted that the people who made the video knew what sort of car they were driving.

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