Chrysler 300C Enters The Fray

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Chrysler have high hopes for their new 300C as it joins in the battle for supremacy in the upper echelons of the executive car market. The new Chrysler 300C is more than just a makeover of the old model, it is an all new version that promises more equipment and a greater feeling of luxury combined with improved economy and safety. Chrysler 300C

Simplified Range

If simplicity is the key to winning the battle then the 300C may have it sewn up already. There is only one engine choice, a 3.0-litre V6 turbo diesel that aims to please the CO2 conscious fleet buyer. With emissions of just 185g/km and economy of 39.8mpg the 300C promises to allow executives to keep more of their bonuses in their own pocket instead of the taxman’s, while enjoying a host of standard equipment that shames Chrysler’s rivals. Performance is strong too, with 236bhp available backed up by 540Nm of torque. That gives the 300C plenty of urge and it means that the big saloon can reach 62mph in just 7.4 seconds, with a top speed of 144mph. Even the trim levels are kept simple, with just two choices – ‘Limited’ or ‘Executive’. While Limited may be the base model that doesn’t mean that it comes without a generous helping of high-tech equipment. Keyless Enter’n’Go, automatic wipers, automatic lights with adaptive forward lighting and SmartBeam technology, powered steering column with memory, auto-dimming internal and driver’s door mirror, Bluetooth, cruise control – all are standard. Executive trim adds improved sounds, a full length panoramic sunroof, 20-inch wheels, adaptive cruise control and leather dash, to name but a few of the extra features. Chrysler 300C

Quality Feel

Throughout the development process Chrysler have been aiming to improve the perceived quality of the 300C, with the ultimate aim of beating the German brands at the ‘quality’ game. Fit and finish are crucial and the 300C’s cabin has been designed to exude luxury with soft touch materials and damped controls, with LED backlighting offering an improved ambience in the cabin. Soundproofing has also been looked at more carefully. Underbody panels help to isolate road noise from the cabin, while triple seals around the doors and special wheel-arch liners help to keep wind noise to a minimum. The result is a much quieter cabin, adding to that feeling of refinement. Chrysler 300C On the inside you can’t help but notice the centerpiece of the dashboard, a large 8.4-inch touch-screen infotainment system that happens to have the largest screen in its class. The big screen offers a clear interface through which you can control the multimedia system, DVD player, dual-zone climate control and Garmin navigation system. For audiophiles there is the choice of a nine speaker Alpine system on the Limited model, but the Executive is the car for you if you want big sounds. A Harmon Kardon sound system incorporates nineteen speakers into the 300C’s cabin, including a ten-inch sub-woofer in the parcel shelf. Chrysler 300C Instruments

Safety Matters

The 300C comes with a wide range of safety features, with more emphasis on technology to help prevent an accident from happening in the first place. Adaptive Cruise Control is fitted to the Executive model and uses radar to monitor the traffic in front and adjust the cruise control to match conditions. The radar systems also power the Forward Collision Warning, alerting drivers so that they can take action to avoid piling into the car in front. Blind Spot Monitoring uses more radar sensors to check the sides of the 300C for any vehicles that may be lurking in the blind spots. If they detect another car a glowing icon appears in the side mirror to warn the driver. Even reversing is safer thanks to Rear Cross Path Detection. This technology warns the driver if vehicles are approaching from the sides when reversing out of driveways or parking spaces. In a first for its class the 300C uses Ready Alert Braking, a piece of tech that predicts when the driver is about to stamp on the brakes and quickly moves the pads closer to the discs to improve response from the pedal. Not only that, Braking Assistance makes sure that full braking power is applied in emergencies.

Designed For Drivers

Chrysler wanted to give the 300C a more appealing driving experience. In their quest to make the 300C feel more dynamic they have achieved a near perfect 50:50 weight distribution. The use high strength steels and composite materials makes the 300C even stiffer than before and that in turn makes the car more responsive in corners. The suspension has been reworked and makes use of lighter weight components. It has been revised to make it more composed on bumpy sections of road while the camber settings and anti-roll bars have been configured for more agility.

American Style

The styling of the 300C is unmistakably American, with its long, low profile and large chrome grille. The 20-inch wheels on the Executive fill the arches perfectly and give the 300C an aura of purpose and, when painted black, a little but of menace too. In a sea of German brands the big American certainly stands out from the crowd. Chrysler

Try It Now

If you fancy something a little different to the obvious choices in the office car park then you should order a test drive now. The Chrysler 300C goes on sale in the UK on the 14th June and with prices starting at £35,995 for the 300C Limited it should appeal to both hearts and minds. If you want to Find out more about the 300C and are active on Twitter or Facebook you can follow Chrysler at Facebook and Twitter. Sponsored Post

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