Fiesta RS Is Definitely Off

Having announced that the Ford Fiesta ST is to be put on hold, there is further bad news from Ford. After the success of the previous model Fiesta ST there had been high hopes of an upcoming RS version. Well, according to Jost Capito the project was ditched quite some time ago.

After the RS Concept was shown a year ago dealers were quizzed about how many cars they thought they might be able to sell. Ford already had an idea buy aciclovir tablets about a minimum number of units they needed to sell to break even, and the figures that came back from the dealers were just 500 short of what Ford needed. So, rather than make a loss Ford decided to abandon the project.

It’s a crying shame and if, like me, you were looking forward to a hot Fiesta you should go and complain to your local dealer, not to Ford.

Source: EVO Magazine 130

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Author: Chris Auty

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