Ford Ka ST Is Go!

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2008-ford-ka.jpgAs the new Ford Ka breaks cover, rumours are starting about a likely sporty version. If AutoExpress is correct, Ford are already planning a Ka ST that will borrow the 150bhp 1.4-litre powerplant from the Abarth 500.

The new Ka has strong links to the Fiat 500, as it’s chassis and underpinnings are borrowed from the little Fiat. However, Ford engineers are reported to be hard at work making sure the new Ka carries on the incredibly sharp handling of the current model.

The performance potential of the Ka ST is going to be big for such a small car. With the Abarth powerplant the 0-60mph sprint is expected to take under eight seconds, and top speed will be in the region of 125mph. You can also expect a smart bodykit, flared wheelarches and 17-inch alloys.

That’s not all – the tuners responsible for the Fiesta ST185, Mountune, are likely to offer suspension and engine upgrades as a series of aftermarket kits. Ka ST185, anyone?

If all of this comes to fruition, the Ford Ka ST will be a formidable little hatchback on the roads.

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