Ford RS Performance Models Go Global

For a long time Ford has had a dream of being able to sell a single range of models globally. Despite failed projects such as the Mondeo, Ford have decided to have another go at the global product by moving their RS and SVT performance divisions under one manager.

Jost Capito is the chosen man. He has worked for Ford of Europe since October 2001 and through 2003 to 2007 he was responsible for the European motorsport and performance vehicle programs. He has been instrumental in guiding Ford’s extremely successful WRC team, while at the same time helping to develop some of their best road cars. The Focus ST and Fiesta ST are two of his most recent projects, both of which have proven to be extremely capable, warmly phentermine online to buy received by the motoring press and, more significantly for Ford, big sellers. The Focus RS has also been developed under his guidance, and if the pre-release hype is anything to go by it will be another cracking hot hatch from Ford.

Capito, who used to work for Porsche and BMW and has competed in the Dakar rally, will take control of the joint American and European performance division in January 2009. He fills a new role as director of global performance vehicles and motorsports business development.

Hopefully moving Mr. Capito to such a senior position won’t be to the detriment of the European performance lineup. We’ll have to wait and see, as the next hot hatch from Ford will most likely be a new-shape Fiesta ST.

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Author: Chris Auty

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