Hyundai Testing With A Difference

Last year Hyundai decided to take a different approach to testing the durability of their cars. They took an i30 hatchback into the monkey enclosure at Knowsley Safari Park and let the baboons loose on it.

Apart from a few teethmarks and some very questionable stains on the leather upholstery the Hyundai came through the encounter in one piece. Yes, one, even the wiper blades and number plate were still attached at the end. As you can imagine Hyundai were quite pleased with the result.

So how can they top this? By letting some of the harshest critics known to mankind loose on the i30 Tourer. Who are these eagle-eyed cynics, unafraid to say the things that most people would back away from? Why, children of course.


A select group of 4 to 10 year olds were given the chance to test the i30 Tourer as they saw fit. Armed with clipboards and white coats they set about testing it in ways that most manufacturers wouldn’t dream of.

As a parent of two young kids buy phentermine no membership I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve told them to take their feet off my car’s seats, so this video is difficult for me to watch as the horde of young testers stand all over the Hyundai’s seats wearing muddy wellies. And don’t get me started on the muddy hand prints smeared across the paintwork. I can’t bear to think of the swirl marks left behind.

It’s the basic questions that our young testers find different solutions to, such as how you test boot capacity. You could get tape measures out and take exact measurements, but that would be predictable and boring. So why not fill it with inflatable toys or, even better, turn it into a sandpit?

Hyundai Kids Car

Hyundai Kids Car

The end result? One very messy Hyundai but one that’s taken the punishment in its stride. Will Hyundai be using this testing regime on future models? The don’t say, but they’ll be missing out on some valuable feedback if they don’t.

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