Inforad K1 GPS Speed Camera Detector

Sometimes it’s best to keep things simple and the Inforad K1 is a great example of how well that can work.

The Inforad K1 is claimed to be the world’s smallest GPS speed camera detector, and seeing as it’s barely bigger than a USB memory stick then that probably is true. It uses GPS satellite technology to determine your vehicle’s current position, then compares it to an on-board database of fixed and mobile speed camera locations, red light camera locations and accident blackspots in the UK & Europe. It then lets you know with visual and audible alarms when you are nearing a problem area.

Powered by it’s own rechargeable internal battery the Inforad K1 can be put almost anywhere in your car. Stick it on the dashboard, drop it in a cup holder – it doesn’t really matter as it still picks up a signal from the satellites.

That ‘put it anywhere’ simplicity can lead to one of the K1′s drawbacks. If you put it somewhere out of sight then you’re not going to be able to see the LEDs, which can also be hard to see in bright sunlight. Other problems are the short battery life (about three hours) although that is easily solved by plugging in the included power cable. The final problem is that without a display you won’t get a reminder of the current speed limit, although if you’ve been paying attention to the road you should have some idea of the limit.

Probably the greatest feature of the Inforad K1 is that it comes with free lifetime updates for the internal database. Most GPS speed camera detectors will require you to pay an annual or monthly subscription to download updates, but with the K1 they’re free … for ever.

You can pick up the Inforad K1 for less than £40 from places like Amazon. With the free updates that means you can get yourself a GPS speed camera detector for less than the cost of a speeding fine, and that’s before you consider how much your insurance will go up by after the points go on your license. All you need is for this little device to save you from one speed camera and it’s more than paid for itself.

Sure, it’s lacking some of the bells and whistles of the more expensive units you can buy, but when the Inforad K1 does the job as well as this what more could you ask for?

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