Jeremy Clarkson Causes Outrage By Blowing Up Bus

Oh dear, Jeremy Clarkson has gone and upset another group of people. This time he’s outraged fans of the Routemaster bus by blowing one up in his new DVD, Thriller.

So what’s wrong with blowing up a bus, there are thousands of them on the roads, right? Well, it turns out that the bus in question was a classic Routemaster, of which there are only 500 499 left in the country. The Routemaster is considered a collector’s item and a good example can be worth up to £20,000.

Andrew Morgan, chairman of the Routemaster Association, said: “It’s just sacrilege and a very sad thing to do. Why pick on a vehicle like that when you wouldn’t do it to a classic car like an E-type and there are more of them? There are plenty of other red double-deckers over the counter drugs like ativan that he could pick on in scrapyards.”

The BBC have refused to comment as the DVD is produced by another company, 2 entertain. A spokesman said “What he [Jeremy] wants to blow up for his own, and the viewers’ entertainment, is up to him. However, it’s a well-known fact that he isn’t fond of buses.”

So Clarkson can now add members of the Routemaster Association to his list of hate-mailers, that will also include caravanners, Americans, Germans, cyclists, the French, people from Norfolk … it’s a long list.

Source: Daily Telegraph

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Author: Chris Auty

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  1. Many of JC’s natural fans would also be be fans of all forms of transport I hope he becomes to regret this act of pure vandalism.

  2. Jezza’s lost the plot of late.

    Its a shame really, he used to be such a wordsmith and fairly creative in his productions. Now its just explosions, crashes and unimaginative reviews.

  3. @Tom – I think you’re right, the great man seems to running out of ideas. His ‘murdering prostitutes’ gag on Top Gear the other night was far from his best material.

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