Lexus Brings Sexy Back

Lexus are about to take on the BMW 4-series with their stunning new RC F coupe.

Although it’s officially a concept this RC-F coupe could go on sale quite soon. The wide wheel arches filled with 19-inch wheels, larger intake ducts and active rear spoiler are inspired by the wonderful LFA. That active rear spoiler pops up at 50mph to increase downforce, and Lexus have also fitted a flat underbody and special flaps on the front to manage the airf-low over the RC-F’s body.

Behind the sharp angles and creases lies a naturally aspirated 5.0-litre V8, defying the trend that’s seen rivals switching to turbocharged 6-cylinder engines in the quest for lower emissions. That 32-valve V8 boasts 450bhp, outgunning the turbocharged six in the M4 by 25bhp.

Official performance figures buy phentermine 37.5 tablets have yet to be announced but one thing that Lexus have said is that weight will be under 1800kg. That sounds a bit on the heavy side so it could dull performance and work in the M4’s favour. We’ll have to wait and see what the Lexus engineers have managed to do, although an optional carbon fibre pack will help to shave a few more kilos off the weight.

Other highlights include an eight-speed transmission and a torque-vectoring limited slip differential fitted to the rear axle. Lexus say that there have also been modifications to the V8 to allow it to rev more freely and if that means it’s anywhere near as good as the 9,500rpm LFA then we’re in for a treat.

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Author: Chris Auty

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