Mountune Focus RS MP350 Review On Fifth Gear

With all of the fuss over the recent Ford Focus RS500 and the fact that all 101 UK cars were snapped up before going on sale, you can’t blame tuning company Mountune from taking every opportunity to publicise their own spiced-up Focus RS.

Mountune Focus RS350

They’ve let Fifth Gear have a go in their Focus RS MP350, with Vicki Butler-H behind the wheel. She’s clearly a fan of the super buy nexium pills online Ford, which is 45bhp more powerful and half a second quicker to 60mph than the standard RS. The only downside seems to be a bit of extra torque steer, but don’t forget that there’s 345bhp going through those front wheels.

Sit down and let Vicki take you for a ride around Millbrook.

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Author: Chris Auty

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