Mountune Make Up For Postponed Ford Fiesta ST

While Ford have announced their intention to postpone the development of a Fiesta ST for the new model, there is still hope if you want a hotter Fiesta. Mountune, the tuning company that has have given the Fiesta ST185 and Focus ST260, have turned their attention to the latest Fiesta.

2009 Mountune Ford Fiesta

By tinkering with the 1.6 Ti-VCT engine (found in Zetec S and Titanium trim) Mountune have managed to find an additional 20bhp, taking the unit’s output to 140bhp. Torque is also increased from the standard model’s 152Nm to 170Nm. So how have they achieved the gains? To start off there’s a remap on the engine ECU, buy ativan visa then they fit a new air-induction system followed by a performance exhaust with a tubular manifold and a high-flow catalyst.

With the extra power comes a significant drop in the 0-60mph time – down from 9.9 seconds to just 7.9 seconds. By strange coincidence that matches the 0-60mph time of the old 149bhp Ford Fiesta ST.

The kit is available now through selected Ford dealers at a cost of £1,299 (excluding fitting) and like the other Mountune offerings the standard warranty is unaffected. Judging by the noise coming from the exhaust in the video above, this kit should be worth every penny.

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  1. Hi fAS. That’s the beauty of the Mountune kits, they don’t affect the standard Ford warranty. You can’t lose (well, except for the cost of the kit).

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