Nissan 370Z Drops Below £27k

With all the fuss that’s been made about the Toyota GT86 you’d think there weren’t any other affordable rear-wheel drive coupes on the market, and yet there is one that’s both quicker and more characterful.

Nissan 370Z

2013 Nissan 370Z

That car is the Nissan 370Z and if you’ve never considered it before perhaps you will when you hear it’s just had a £3,000 price cut. Now you can have a 3.7-litre V6 coupé with 328PS and 363Nm for just £26,995.

That’s just £2k more than the GT86. The Z is faster, better equipped, arguably better looking, and has a much brawnier V6 engine. Like the GT86 it’s naturally aspirated but at nearly twice the capacity and with two extra cylinders it’s considerably more powerful and sounds a hell of a lot better.

What about the rest of the competition? You could have a BMW Z4 for £27k but that would have a paltry 156hp. A 275bhp Porsche Boxster would be a better drive but you’ll need to find £39k for the privilege. Mercedes will sell you a SLK for £30k but its 1.8-litre turbo buy aciclovir usa only gives you 184bhp. Suddenly the competition looks very expensive indeed.

Nissan 370Z

Suddenly the competition looks rather expensive

You could upgrade to the higher spec GT model at £32,995, a model that’s received a bigger price cut of £3,055. You get bigger alloys, a premium sound system and sat-nav but my money would go on the base model.

There’s also the new Nismo model joining the lineup. It’s been tuned to the tastes of European drivers but at £37k it’s a big jump in price. I’ve seen it in the flesh and it looks stunning but with only 16PS more than the standard Z it might expensive. You do get uprated suspension, brakes, a louder exhaust and that Nismo bodykit.

The Nismo’s tempting but when the base model looks like such a bargain it’s hard to ignore the cash you could keep in your pocket while still enjoying big grins.

Nissan 370Z Daytime Running Lights

LED DRLs are a new feature on the revised 370Z

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Author: Chris Auty

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