Osram Night Breaker PLUS Promises Longer Life

OK, so saying that the new Osram Night Breaker Plus offers longer life might be slightly misleading – you’re not going to live to 200 years old after buying a set of these headlight bulbs. No, the new Nightbreaker Plus bulbs are a development on the original version that Osram claim will last up to 50% longer than before.

Osram Night Breaker Plus

That’s pretty good, especially when you consider that the Nightbreaker Plus offers the same benefits as before – up to 90% more light than standard Osram buy valium india bulbs as well as 10% whiter light.

The extra brightness translates into a longer beam, up to 35 metres further up the road than standard, and on a dark road that can make a hell of a difference to your safety and confidence. I upgraded the bulbs on my Focus last year and it really does make night-time driving easier.

If you’re interested in a set of Nightbreaker Plus bulbs then head on over to Powerbulbs, who’ve got them on offer at the moment.

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Author: Chris Auty

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