Peugeot RCZ R & 208 GTI Become Film Stars

The hot new Peugeot RCZ R and 208 GTI are making their first appearance on the big screen. Both were picked to take part in 3 Days To Kill, Luc Besson’s latest film starring Kevin Costner as an undercover CIA agent with a terminal illness. He accepts one last mission in order to get his hands on an experimental drug that might save his life and give him chance to reconnect with his estranged daughter.

In this chase scene Costner is at the wheel of the 208 GTI as he chases the ‘world’s most where can i purchase levitra online ruthless terrorist’ in his Audi A8. What is it with bad guys and big German saloons? Meanwhile co-star Amber Heard attempts to look more gorgeous than the matt black RCZ R she’s driving, and just about succeeds.

This behind-the-scenes video from Peugeot shows just how much of a headache it is to choreograph and film a big scene like this, with over forty cars moving through the streets of Paris at once.

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Author: Chris Auty

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