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I’m not a natural gambler and gave up on the lottery a long time ago, but there’s one competition I do like to play every now and then and that’s the supercar and sports car draws at Best Of The Best. Now some cynical types might think that the prizes aren’t real, but if you’re a regular on the Pistonheads forum you might have heard of member Alun Rowe’s amazing bit of luck.

Alun entered the recent sports car competition and bought five tickets at £3 a go. A few weeks later he got an unexpected call (you can listen to it here) telling him that he’d won first prize and could choose from four different cars or take £25k in cash. Great news for Alun, less so for me – I’d entered the same competition and also bought five tickets, but obviously my spot-the-ball guesses weren’t close enough!

Best Of The Best Winner

Alun, you jammy #@%&

Alun posted up the good news onto Pistonheads along with pictures of his prize car – a new Porsche Cayman. Not a bad result for £15 of tickets.

So if you thought Best Of The Best was too good to be true then you’re wrong. The prizes are genuine, the tickets are cheaper than you might think and the odds are much better than winning anything on the lottery.

If you’re up for a flutter there’s the chance to win a stunning Jaguar XKR 75th anniversary edition plus £20,000 in cash, with tickets costing as little as £10. Other prizes include a Ferrari California, Aston Martin V12 Vantage or £90k in cash!

Jaguar XKR 75th Anniversary

Fancy A Jaguar XKR 75 With £20k Cash?

Or you could enter the latest sports car competition where tickets start at just £3 and prizes include:

  • Porsche Boxster S
  • Mini Cooper S convertible with £10,000 in cash
  • Abarth 500 with £10,000 in cash
  • Caterham Superlight R300
  • Audi Q5
  • £25,000 in cash

If you want 20% off your tickets just use the code PHSUPERWIN for the supercar competition or PHSPORTSWIN for the sports car competition.

If you do decide to enter I would have wished you good luck, except I’ve just bought my tickets and I’ve got my eye on that 300bhp Boxster!

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  1. What’s an Audi Q5 doing in a sports car competition? There’s nothing remotely sporty about it.

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