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I’ve just been doing a bit of shopping around for some new bulbs for the family Mondonkey and thought I’d try a set of Philips Blue Vision bulbs for a change. Powerbulbs have got them in stock at £25.49 with free Philips Premium W5W sidelights and free delivery, so I was going to grab a set.

Philips Blue Vision Bulbs

But even better than that, a quick look on the internet for ‘powerbulbs discount codes‘ led me to a discount code for the checkout – just enter ZXRCX111 for 10% off the total price. So that saved me another £2.55 on top of the free sidelights and delivery.

Just enter code ZXRCX111 at the checkout to get 10% knocked off the total cost of your bulbs

I think the code applies to anything on the site, from expensive but snazzy LED bulbs to Philips Xtremes (highly recommended, check out my instructions on fitting them to my Focus). If you’re interested in upgrading your headlights then get in there while you can, you never know how long this code will last.

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