Race The Stig In Forza 5

Some say he has an extra thumb on each hand to make it easier to use an Xbox controller. All we know for sure is that The Stig will soon be going digital as his pixellated form makes an appearance in upcoming Xbox title Forza 5.

The Forza series is no stranger to the world of Top Gear. The Top Gear test track (a.k.a Dunsfold Aerodrome) klonopin buy found its way into Forza 4 and gave legions of TG fans their first opportunity to drive the hallowed course. Now the latest edition of the series, Forza 5, takes it a step further and allows you to race against the Stig’s virtual cousin.

You’ve not got long to wait either. Forza 5 will be out on Xbox One on November 22nd.

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Author: Chris Auty

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  1. Another Forza game to add to the collection, Can’t wait to meet the Stig!

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