Renaultsport Testing At The ‘Ring

If the following video from Bridge To Gantry is anything to go by it looks like we’re in for some interesting new models from Renaultsport.

They’ve recently taken a handful of Clios and Meganes and driven the knackers off them around the ‘Ring. Could we be looking at the next over the counter substitute for ativan versions of the Megane 250 and Clio 200? Could there be power upgrades in store? Only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure – they’re definitely going to be fit for tackling the Nordschliefe.

Renaultsport at the ‘Ring – inc. hot Megane RS250 from MrBTG on Vimeo.


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Author: Chris Auty

Voted the Breakthrough Blogger of 2013 by SEAT and the Guild of Motoring Writers , Chris has lived and breathed cars since he was old enough to say 'faster'. With a penchant for hot hatches and an allergy to public transport, he would much prefer to drive a bad car than never drive at all. Fortunately his family has learned to put up with this obsession and the internet has provided a channel for his ramblings.

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