Roger’s Green Hell (video)

If, like me, you’re  a keen reader of Evo magazine then you’ll be famiilar with the name Roger Green. Evo’s tame racing driver, Roger has driven all manner of performance vehicles and is no stranger to racing. However, his latest competitive event at the Nurburgring 24Hr will have given him plenty to write about.

Roger Green Nurburgring Fire

The video footage below shows Roger diving from his still-moving Lotus Exige as it is rapidly engulfed in flames. Having just left the pits, it is believed that a piece of track debris had severed the brake lines and started a fire in the engine bay, which rapidly took hold of the little racer. Roger was left with the difficult task of pulling the Exige off the racing line and bringing it to a halt without any brakes, which he eventually managed to do with a shunt into the barriers before diving out of the door.

Fortunately Roger wasn’t hurt, although the same couldn’t be said of the Exige. I’m sure we’ll be reading something of his experience in next month’s issue of Evo.

The first couple of minutes of the clip show the fire finishing off the Exige, but to see Roger’s lucky escape skip to 2:20.

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Author: Chris Auty

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  1. That certainly will have got his heart racing, he showed some amazing composure to deal with the situation like he did and get himself out unharmed, must of felt a lifetime for the car to slow enough for him to jump out!

  2. Agreed – he showed true professionalism in his actions, despite the danger he faced.

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