Video:Sabine Schmitz, Queen Of The Ring

Sabine Schmitz. What a woman!

Dubbed the Queen Of The Ring, Sabine has become something of a TV celebrity amongst petrolheads. With her unrivalled experience of the Nurburgring Sabine has had great success as a pro racing driver (45 victories at the ‘Ring for BMW). She is also one of the drivers of the BMW M5 ‘Ring Taxi, in which she gets to scare people for a living, and it was this job that led to her first appearance on Top Gear with Jeremy trying to beat the ten-minute barrier in a diesel Jaguar S-Type (one of my favourite epsiodes).

Now BMW have released a short promotional film about Sabine. It gives a brief insight into her childhood, her inspiration to become a racing driver, and leaves you in no doubt that she loves her job. While it might be a shameless plug for BMW, it’s actually a pretty good film that steers clear of the usual marketing bullshit and is definitely worth three minutes of your life.

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Author: Chris Auty

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