VIDEO:SEAT Leon SC Loses Two Doors

The SEAT Leon just got a lot more interesting by ditching its practical five-door image and opting for a sleeker, sportier three-door look.

What Is It?

As you can probably tell from the video and pictures this is a new 2013 SEAT Leon that’s had two of its doors removed. The SEAT Leon SC, using the same parlance as the smaller 3-door Ibiza, marks a bit of a change for the Leon as it has never been offered as a 3-door model. It’s sporty nature has always been accompanied by a practical side, but no more – now the Leon can be sporty and stylish.



From the front it’s difficult to notice the difference, but from the B-pillar backwards you notice the gently sloping roofline and the gentler slope to the rear window. LED lighting features at both front and rear and with its sharper creases it all looks a bit Audi. No bad thing, especially when you consider that the Leon is a bit cheaper than it’s more upmarket relative despite them sharing so much under the skin.

Not much changes on the inside but why change one of the best features of the new Leon? Classier materials combine with new technology to produce a much more buy ativan online overnight delivery upmarket cabin. Touch-screen infotainment systems with colour screens are the order of the day, with the FR model getting the largest 5.8-inch screen.

SEAT Leon SC FR Rear

Rear view of Leon SC is almost identical to five-door

What’s Special About It?

Apart from the sleeker side profile you’d be forgiven for thinking there’s not much to say about the Leon SC. It shares the same Reference, Style and FR trim levels as the five door model while the engine choice is the same, topped by a choice of 1.8-litre petrol TSI with 180bhp and a 2.0 TDI with 184bhp.

What’s more significant, and less noticeable, is that the Leon SC has a shorter wheelbase. 35mm has been chopped out from between the wheels and, while it may not sound like much, it should make the Leon SC feel more lively and engaging. If that’s true then it bodes well for an upcoming Cupra version!

SEAT Leon SC FR Side

Side profile of Leon SC is very reminiscent of Audi A3

How Much Is It?

Official prices haven’t been decided but it’s safe to say it’ll be pretty close to the equivalent five-door model. We won’t have to wait long to find out as the Leon SC goes on sale in July.

SEAT Leon SC FR Interior

Smart new cabin remains the same

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