Leaked: 2013 Skoda Octavia vRS

There was little doubt that a vRS version of Skoda’s new Octavia would arrive eventually but now, thanks to images leaked onto the interwebs, we know that there definitely will be a vRS.

2013 Skoda Octavia vRS

Screens from online configuration tool show 2013 Octavia vRS

Coincedentally, Skoda have just announced that they will release six new models in 2013. The first three are the new Rapid, the Octavia hatch and then the Octavia estate. That leaves three unknown models due in the latter half of the year but these are expected to be the Octavia vRS, followed by facelifts for the Yeti and the Superb.

The leaked images certainly look like the real thing and highlight the vRS styling cues. Badges on the grille, LED running lights tucked into the restyled front bumper, red brake callipers hidden by some nice 5-spoke wheels (18 inch?). At the rear we find a spoiler mounted on the edge of the hatch and a pair of large, chromed exhausts tucked into each corner. It looks rather good!

2013 Skoda Octavia vRS Rear

Spoiler and dual exhausts at the back

The new Octavia is built on Volkswagen’s latest MQB platform (which will eventually underpin almost everything from the Volkswagen stable). That gives the Octavia access to the latest enginesand will allow the vRS model to pick up a 217bhp turbocharged petrol and a 181bhp turbodiesel.

All this should help to cement the Octavia vRS’s reputation as a serious performer at a reasonable price. The Octavia vRS has always been a bit of a sleeper hit, but it’s a car of many virtuess, as Driving Spirit discovered when we reviewed the Octavia vRS last year.

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