Skoda Wows With Rapid Sport Concept

Say hello to one of the greatest cars that Skoda will never make. It’s the Skoda Rapid Sport and sadly it’s little more than a concept, a little project to show off at the annual Worthersee tuning fair in Austria. Looks fantastic, doesn’t it?

Skoda Rapid Sport Concept

Skoda Rapid Sport Concept

Here at Driving Spirit we like anything with a vRS badge on the boot lid but that’s the one thing that’s missing from this pumped up version of Skoda’s hatchback.The Rapid isn’t normally a car that gets our pulses racing but the Sport concept is something very different.

Just look at those swollen arches. They’re needed to cover the wider track and are filled to bursting with a set of 19-inch wheels. The front bumper features a chunky splitter and gaping air intake, with LED running lights and a gloss black grille setting it off nicely.

Skoda Rapid Sport Concept

Skoda Rapid Sport Concept

Around the back we get a rear diffuser housing a pair of big, trapezoidal exhaust pipes and a bootlid that’s adorned by a discrete spoiler. There’s nothing discrete about the paint job, a combination of Corrida Red and Steel Grey paint that’s set off on each side by the wheels painted in the contrasting shade.

The Rapid Sport may be a concept car but try to picture it with a normal paint job and slightly smaller wheels. Suddenly it’s easy to imagine the Rapid in production form with a set of vRS badges. All you’d need is the 1.4 TSI from the Fabia vRS to make things interesting and then you’ve got a hot Rapid to spice up the range.

All we need is for Skoda to make this concept a reality. Are they up to the challenge? Let’s hope so!

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