SuperBowl 2013 – Car Ad Roundup

That’s it for another year. Super Bowl XLVII is finally over and in the end it was the Baltimore Ravens who hold off the San Francisco 49ers to win the cup.

Super Bowl 2013 Kia Space Babies

So that’s where babies come from

OK, that’s about as far as my American Football knowledge goes but there is a reason for mentioning the Super Bowl. As a car nut one of the highlights is the lengths to which the manufacturers go to make the most of the mid-game advert spots. There have been some great Super Bowl ads in recent years but what about for 2013?

Kia – Space Babies and HotBots

Kia has decided to stretch its marketing budget by opting for two ads this year. The first is all about a question that can be so difficult for parents to answer. “Dad, where do babies come from?”.

The second features former Miss USA Alyssa Campanella as a sexy robot given the task of presenting, and defending, the new Kia Forte saloon. I say defending because as soon as one critic gets a bit too close to the Forte our robotic heroine steps in to taech him a lesson in respect.

Abarth – Topless

Abarth’s latest ad sees the return of Romanian beauty Catrinel Menghia in a spicy ad for the Abarth 500 cabriolet. Naughty little Scorpion!

Mercedes-Benz – Soul

The all-new CLA coupe is the star of Mercedes-Benz’s ad ‘Soul’ . Well, it would be if it wasn’t for the delightful curves of former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover model Kate Upton. Would you sell your soul to own one?

Audi – Worth It

Audi’s advert is not so much about their A6 saloon as a lesson in bravery and what the underdog can achieve when he puts his mind to it.

Volkswagen – Get In. Get Happy.

Finally there’s Volkswagen, who seem to have stirred up a hornet’s nest with their ‘Get Happy’ ad. The theme of ‘whit man talking like a Jamaican’ is attracting accusations of racism, but are they going too far? Whether they are or not, the Volkswagen ad is already the most talked about of this Superbowl.

Toyota – Wish Granted

‘Your wish is my command’ declares Kaley Cuoco, the RAV4 genie (you may know Kaley better as girl-next-door Penny from The Big Bang Theory). Just think carefully before making your first wish.

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  1. Thanks for the tip! I had missed those two but now they’re on the list.

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