Superchips Fiesta Zetec S

We’re still waiting for the ST version of the current Fiesta. Yes, it is definitely coming in 2012, but it does seem to have been an age since the prototype was seen lapping the ‘Ring. In the meantime we have the Fiesta Zetec S to tide us over, and while there’s a lot to like there’s also a need for more power.

Superchips Fiesta Zetec S

More power is exactly what Superchips are offering for Zetec S owners. They have a new Bluefin module that coaxes another 10bhp from the 1.6-litre Ti-VCT engine, raising the total to 128bhp. That might not sound like much but don’t forget this is a naturally aspirated engine and you won’t see the big power hikes that are much easier to extract from a turbo.

With more torque throughout the rev range the tuned Zetec S promises more accessible performance, while economy is said to be unaffected if driven in a ‘like-for-like manner’. Yeah, right.

Being a Bluefin module the tuning is so easy you could get your Gran to do it. Plug the box into the diagnostic port, follow the instructions and wait. If you’re worried about your Ford warranty you can also revert back to the factory settings before taking your car back to the dealer. There’s also cover from Superchips with their own 12 month/30,000 mile supplemental warranty.

The price is a measly £249, including VAT. Go on, you know you want to.

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Author: Chris Auty

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