Video:Suzuki Swift S-Concept At Geneva

The 2011 Geneva Motor Show was a bit of a dull affair for hot hatch fans, with most of the new cars being electric or hybrids. In amongst the ridiculously overpriced domestic applicances (Nissan Leaf for £30,990 before government grant) there was one new hot hatch – the Suzuki Swift S-Concept.

Suzuki Swift S-Concept

As the name implies this is just a concept of a faster version of the latest Swift. The Swift S-Concept features bodywork that is 60mm wider than that of the standard Swift, aggressive front and rear bumpers, a big rear spoiler and eighteen inch wheels. Then there’s the Lightning Pearl Yellow paintwork, which definitely helps to separate this model from the rest of the range. How much of this will carry over to the upcoming Swift Sport remains to be seen.

Mechanical details are scarce – the concept is said to use a six-speed manual ‘box, but there’s no mention of the engine. Expect it to stick with a 1.6-litre unit, and with any luck we’ll get a turbocharger this time to give the Swift Sport some extra pace.

Unfortunately I wasn’t at Geneva to see the car myself, but lucky Henry Catchpole from Evo magazine was there. Being a fan of the Swift (he’s competed in one in a number of rallies) he was quite interested in the Swift S-Concept, as you can see in the video below.

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