Awesome Cartoon Fun With The Driver

There’s a new animated TV series coming next year (summer 2011) called The Driver. While very little is known about the series at this point, there is a trailer on YouTube that shows just how cool this cartoon could be.

The Driver Animated Series

Yes, I said cartoon, but don’t let that kid you into thinking that this is going to be fun for little Johnny to sit and watch inbetween episodes of Roary The Racing Car. No, this looks like it’s going to be slightly more adult in it’s themes and should be all the more fun for it!

The makers, Chrison Studios, are clearly car geeks as the level of detail on the cars is awesome. The video contains some favourites of the Japanese racing scene, including a Nissan 350Z, Honda S2000, Mitsi Evo IX and (in a tribute to Initial D) a Toyota AE86.

So who is the mysterious Driver of the title? We don’t know, but one thing is for certain – he drives a Nissan GT-R. Sit back, enjoy the trailer and wait for the series to hit our TV screens next year.

Source: The Driver via YouTube

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