Thruxton Motorsport Centre Discount Codes

Thruxton Motorsport Centre are running a series of discount codes on their track experiences from now until 31st December 2009. To qualify, just enter the appropriate code from the list below when going through the checkout.

THXN19CPR£5.00 off 3 Car Passenger Ride Experience
THXN31FER£10.00 off Ferrari 355 PLUS Driving Experience
THXN25FER£10.00 off Ferrari 355 Driving Experience
THXN97FER£10.00 off Ferrari F430 Driving Experience
THXN99FER£10.00 off Ferrari F430 PLUS Driving Experience
THXN19EX1£15.00 off Lotus Exige Driving Experience
THXN35MX5£15.00 off Mazda MX-5 Driving Experience
THXN12RX8£15.00 off Mazda RX8 Driving Experience
THXN21POR£15.00 off Porsche 997 Turbo Driving Experience
THXN33POR£15.00 off Porsche 997 Turbo PLUS Driving Experience
THXN10RCC£10.00 off Racing Car Driving Experience

Thruxton also offer other track experiences, including the amazing Lamborghini LP640.

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