Top Gear: Challenges Volume 6

Top Gear Challenges Volume 6 DVD

Top Gear Challenges Volume 6 DVD

When I first saw the announcement for the new Top Gear: The Challenges Volume 6 DVD I thought there must have been a mistake. After all, it’s only June and we’re six months away from Christmas, the usual time for Top Gear DVDs to be released. It turns out this really is a new DVD and it’s onlu just made it into stores.

Perhaps the Top Gear team are struggling to make ends meet and needed an injection of cash. Anyway, whatever the reason there is a new collection of the infamous challenges that Jeremy, James and Richard have faced. Remember the Snowbine? Jeremy in the Skoda Yeti? How about cars for 17 year olds, or car trains, or The Ashes? They’re all in this DVD.

There are also exclusive extras that never made it into the show, such as the Stig’s cousins’ laps, previously unseen interview clips (including Sebastian Vettel, Jonathan Ross, Ryan Reynolds, Ross Noble and Alice Cooper) and some choice deleted scenes.

Then there’s the augmented reality stuff. If you have an Aurasma-enabled Smartphone you can point your device at the DVD sleeve to bring The Stig to life. Not only that, a special flyer inside the case works with the Aurasma Lite app to produce a 3D version of the Stig’s helmet for your delight. Ooo-err missus.

Top Gear: Challenges Volume 6 is available from all good DVD stockists … and probably from some of the bad ones too.

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