Jezza, May & Hammond In Tuscany With Three Hot Hatches

When it comes to filming Top Gear it’s very difficult for the crew to keep any secrets. Whenever Jeremy, Richard and James park up they’re sure to draw a crowd and the resulting photos and videos quickly find their way onto the internets.

That’s exactly what happened recently in the medieval town of Lucca in Tuscany. The Top Gear team were filming one of their three-way tests and stopped off in the middle of the town square, only to be surrounded by fans.

So what were the trio driving? In something of a refreshing change they weren’t driving the latest supercars from Maranello and Stuttgart. No, instead they were testing three hot hatches – the Renaultsport Clio 200 Cup (check out that numberplate), an Abarth 500C Esseesse and a Citroen DS3 Racing.

Top Gear Tuscany Hot Hatches

Who was driving what isn’t exactly clear (my guess – May in the 500C, Hamster in the Clio and Jezza in the Citroen) but I’d put money on the Clio Cup being voted the favourite.

Even though it has only just been filmed it’s hoped that this piece will make it into the new series of Top Gear, tipped to return to our screens sometime in June (although that hasn’t been confirmed by either Top Gear or the BBC).

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  1. they were at the monaco grand prix with these cars!!

  2. Apparently so. My wife saw them but didn’t know what the cars were. I’ll have to have a look on iplayer.

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