Drive Toyota’s FT-1 Concept Now

Toyota have pulled a blinder at this year’s NAIAS show in Detroit. The Japanese manufacturer has stolen the thunder from their American hosts by unveiling the stunning FT-1 Concept, a front-engined, rear-wheel drive coupé that will set many hearts fluttering.

Toyota are keen to name-check their classic 2000GT, 40 years after its first release, and the Lexus LF-A as influencing the design of the FT-1. Looking at the sharp angles and big intakes it’s hard to see how the curvaceous 2000GT had any influence on work of Toyota’s Californian design studio, other than the slight curve to the windscreen that allows the A-pillars to be pushed back, improving visibility through corners.

Toyota  FT-1 Concept

Toyota were to buy levitra FT-1 Concept

The FT stands for ‘Future Toyota’ and last time we saw this prefix was on the FT-86 concept. This quickly became the GT-86 we know and love so will we see a production version badged GT-1? Maybe, maybe not, and Toyota remain tight-lipped about the FT-1’s prospects.

However, if you fancy a drive you’re in luck. The FT-1 follows the lead set by the FT-86 by appearing in Gran Turismo on the Playstation. If you’re lucky enough to have a copy of GT6 just fire up your PS3 tomorrow (14th January) and you should see the FT-1 appear in your garage after downloading an update. Enjoy!

Toyota FT-1 Concept

Toyota FT-1 Concept

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