Video: 2016 Ford Focus RS Shaping Up Nicely

Ford have decided to tease us with a little preview of the next Focus RS, hot on the heels of the European launch of the latest ST model.

What does the video tell us? Very little, other than the RS will happily cock a rear wheel in the air and indulge in lots of oversteery fun. The only fact we can glean is the rather obvious date of February 3rd, when we will get to know a little more of the latest addition to the RS family.

2016 Ford Focus RS 01

What we can expect are a turbocharged 2.3-litre petrol engine with four cylinders, as recently announced in the new Mustang, with a six-speed manual ‘box. Rumours suggest all-wheel drive but that would be a big change for the Focus platform, so don’t be surprised if it sticks with front-wheel drive and clever differentials.

Power should comfortably exceed 300PS, although it remains to be seen if Ford are going to go head-to-head with the German powerhouses such as the BMW 135i, Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG or Audi RS3.

2016 Ford Focus RS 04

Oh, and it’ll be five-door only this time seeing as Ford dropped the three-door Focus when the Mk3 was launched. That’s bound to upset a few fast Ford fans but could gain the RS even more sales, as it means it’ll be suitable for record-breaking school runs. Having five doors hasn’t done the Audi RS3 any harm. Could we even see the RS available as an estate, just like the ST?

So roll on February 3rd!

2016 Ford Focus RS 02
2016 Ford Focus RS 03


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