Volkswagen Golf GTD Pricing Announced

It’s nice to know that the Germans have got a sense of humour, and that has been proven by the announcement of the pricing for the new Golf GTD.

Volkswagen Golf GTD

The official price will be £21,850 when the GTD goes on sale in June. This base price is for a three-door model with a six-speed manual gearbox. The five-door model will carry a £585 premium while the DSG transmission will cost an extra £1305, and there’s loads of other extras you can choose to push that price even further.

Despite the country plunging ever deeper into financial despair, Volkswagen believe they will be able to find enough buyers for the hot diesel hatch despite the optimistic pricing. Granted most will be company cars, but even then it is difficult to justify the extra money over the almost-as-good 2.0 GT TDI at £19,230. Or how about upgrading to a GTI at £22,410, just £560 more then the GTD?

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Author: Chris Auty

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