Happy Anniversary! It’s The Volkswagen Golf GTI 35

Remember the Golf GTI Edition 30? Released in 2006, it was a hotter version of the Mk5 GTI that celebrated the 30th anniversary of the original Golf GTI. Here we are, five years later and … you can see where this is going … there’s now a Golf GTI Edition 35.

Volkswagen Golf GTI 35

The recipe is the same as before. The Golf GTI Edition 35 is based on the standard Mk6 GTI, adding a few visual tweaks and a scattering of badges to show that this is a limited edition.

The GTI 35 should be easy to spot, thanks to new ‘Watkins Glen’ alloys (named after the US race track), ’35’ badges on the wings and some very smart leather sports seats with embroidered ’35’ logos. There are also darkened front light surrounds featuring LED running lights, with  darkened clusters at the rear. Finishing off the new look is a gloss black grille with matching door mirrors.

Most importantly the Edition 35 gets more power than the standard GTI. Power is up to 232bhp from the 2.0-litre turbo, a gain of 20bhp, but Volkswagen have yet to release the new performance figures. The Mk5 Edition 30 featured lowered suspension, but there’s no word on whether the Edition 35 will have similar modifications.

The Golf GTI 35 is due to be unveiled at this year’s Wörthersee tuning show in Austria on 1st June and should go on sale later that month. Prices in mainland Europe have been confirmed at 30,425 euros, which is roughly £26,000, but we don’t have a UK price just yet.

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