Welcome To The Island Of Clarksons

If you’re into fast cars then chances are you’re into Top Gear, and that more than likely means you’re a Jeremy Clarkson fan. So you might find the following video amusing, taken from the Harry & Paul show on BBC1.

Clarkson may be the driving force behind Top Gear, but he deserves a good mickey-taking every now and then.

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Author: Chris Auty

Voted the Breakthrough Blogger of 2013 by SEAT and the Guild of Motoring Writers , Chris has lived and breathed cars since he was old enough to say 'faster'. With a penchant for hot hatches and an allergy to public transport, he would much prefer to drive a bad car than never drive at all. Fortunately his family has learned to put up with this obsession and the internet has provided a channel for his ramblings.

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