Could This Be World’s Smallest Car?

At just 39 inches tall and 26 inches wide, this tiny little motor could eventually be classed as the world’s smallest. It started off life as a coin-operated Postman Pat ride, but that all changed when  47 year-old Perry Watkins got his hands on it after finding it on eBay.

World's Smallest Car

Watkins stripped out the interior of the kiddy ride, built a steel frame for the fibreglass shell and then stuck that onto the chassis from a quad-bike. That gives it a 150cc single-cylinder four-stroke engine to power the rear wheels, which won’t make it the latest hot hatch to terrorise the streets but does give it a respectable 40mph top speed, as well as returning 70mpg.

Look closely at the picture and you’ll notice a 58-reg online valium plate on the front. Yes, this thing is completely road-legal with working headlamps, rear lights, windscreen wipers, horn and signals. Even if you ignore the size of the car it’s still distinctive thanks to the flame-effect paintjob, fake racing exhausts and great big key sticking out of the back.  It’s the key that led to the car’s nickname –  The Wind-Up.

Watkins is no stranger to wacky vehicles, and neither is this his first attempt at getting into the record books. Last year he made headlines with his so-called Flatmobile, a fully-operational 2-seater that sits just 48.26cms from the ground at its highest point.

Source: The Sun

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