Porsche Panamera – First Impressions

by | Dec 11, 2014 | First Impressions, Porsche | 0 comments

“Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it.” Confucius clearly had a Porsche Panamera parked in front of him when he came up with that particular quote. So many people come down hard on the Panamera for its rather clumsy styling, but underneath that much maligned exterior is one terrific luxury cruiser.

Despite its status as a glitch within the Porsche matrix, the Panamera really does has a lot to offer and from the moment you open the door everything starts to make sense. The Panamera is blessed with an exquisite interior, complete with beautifully finished leather and truly lovely controls that ooze quality on both sight and touch. It really is an extremely nice place to spend time even before you’ve turned the key and began to drive.

I’ve now driven both the petrol ‘S’ and the petrol-electric ‘S E-hybrid’ models. While it’s quite possible the diesel is to be the biggest seller in the Panamera range, there is a real case for owning one of the petrol powered machines because as a Porsche, the Panamera doesn’t shame itself in the handling and performance departments. It feels large but very capable on a twisty strip of tarmac, and once again the combination of petrol and electricity is something I just find very, very appealing.

It will cost you more than £2,000 more than the ‘S’, but one can’t help but feel the S E-hybrid may just be a little more future proof than it’s petrol only sibling. I feel the GTS and Turbo models in the range might take this car a little too far with regards to that detectable sporting DNA because despite its obvious capability, you almost certainly won’t be driving your Panamera in a sporting manner for a lot of the time. This car is a cruiser, something to travel hundreds of miles in comfortably whilst enjoying the journey. You’re in your own little world inside the Panamera and for a car in this class I don’t think that’s a bad thing at all. You can watch as the world passes by and think of those motivational posters forced upon us. It really isn’t about the destination, and this car embodies that. The Panamera feels like a personal assistant on an asphalt expedition to reach wherever it is you want to get to.

Perhaps the most charming thing I can say about the Panamera is you feel spoilt by it. The luxurious surroundings of the cockpit, the smoothness of the power delivery, and the comfort present in the act of travelling along a road. These characteristics are what make the Panamera such a force in the luxury saloon segment. It’s truly impressive, and a car deserving of serious consideration for anybody looking for a machine in this space of the market.

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