Fifth Gear Returns With Stunt Special

Fifth Gear is back on telly soon, returning on Monday June 8th in its usual 8pm slot. However, on Saturday May 16th at 11am there will be a special show on Channel 5 following an attempt at a rather ambitious stunt.

Update: the show has been pushed back to May 23rd. Don’t know why.

Have you seen the Hot Wheels toy sets that feature a loop-the-loop? Push your car fast enough along the track and it flys around the loop, push it too slow and it falls to the ground? That’s the trick that stuntman Steve Truglia will be attempting to pull off.

Apart from the obvious danger of going too slow and landing the car on its roof, there is also the problem that if he goes too fast the g-forces he’ll be submitted to could cause him to black out.

Tune in this Saturday to see if he makes it.

Source: Final Gear

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Author: Chris Auty

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