Hi, my name’s Chris and welcome to Driving Spirit.


When I started this website I intended to write about one of the passions in my life and that, as you may have guessed, is cars. After a few posts about supercars it became clear that I wasn’t offering anything new to the internet and so I decided to focus on one particular aspect of motoring … affordable fun.

Supercars are fantastic pieces of automotive engineering and art but for 99.9% of us they’re just dream cars. They’re cars we only get close to at motor shows or racing events but will never own unless we happen to pick up that winning lottery ticket.

However, at the other end of the scale is a different world of cars that we can truly aspire to own but that can still offer great entertainment. Whether it be on a quiet B-road blast or on a track day, there are loads of cars available today that can offer great performance and that you can buy without having to take out a second mortgage.

So, that’s what Driving Spirit is about. Souped-up superminis, hot hatchbacks, affordable coupes, cars that can give a keen driver a bit of a buzz. No more supercars, I’ll leave that to the other blogs out there.

Don’t get me wrong, I still adore Ferrari’s and Porsches and I might be lucky enough to find myself with that lottery win, but until then I’m living in the real world. Happy motoring!


The reviews on Driving Spirit are very much my opinion. They are most often based on at least a day behind the wheel, and usually more, but if it’s less then I will say so. I have no axes to grind with particular manufacturers and I always strive to be fair.

The scoring system rates each car on five main categories:

Performance – this is not a reflection of outright performance, but more about how the car delivers what performance it has. Lazy, underpowered engines will score badly, lively engines that offer more than their figures suggest will fare better.

Handling – arguably more important than performance, a fun car must feel good to drive. It’s no use being the fastest thing in a straight line if the car then corners like an oil tanker. Agility and tactility are key.

Desirability – very much a personal decision, the question of desirability boils down to one simple question – how much do I want one?

Affordability – this is an overall rating of areas such as price, residual values and running costs. Cheap fun is good fun.

Fun Factor – some cars feel like they’re always up for a spirited drive, others feel like they’d rather sit in the left-hand lane of the motorway all day. A spirited drive is much more fun.

Final Score – the final Driving Spirit rating is an average of these scores, giving a total out of ten.


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