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Honda Civic Type R Claims Nordschleife Record

As the launch of the new 2015 Civic Type R begins, Honda have announced that their return to the hot hatch market comes with a record-busting title. A pre-production version of the Civic Type R has been timed at 7 minutes and 50.63 seconds lap around the...

Honda NSX: Production Ready Model In January 2015

You might want to sit down for this news … Honda are ready to show a production-ready version of the NSX to the general public.

Honda Civic Type R – Back From The Red

Honda have been out of the hot hatch game for five whole years, ever since the Civic Type R succumbed to emissions regulations and was put out to pasture. Unless you have the attention span of a Californian Redwood five years is a long time, but in the automotive...

Honda Civic Type R MUGEN – 10 Minute Test

When Honda asked MUGEN Euro to take a look at their Civic Type R, the western arm of the Japanese tuning company didn't muck about. This wasn't some half-arsed stickers-and-exhaust job, it was a full-on package of serious modifications. The result was the Civic...

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