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Guest Posts

I’m happy to accept guest posts as long as I am satisfied that the topics covered fit in with the theme of Driving Spirit. Reviews of new performance cars are good, as are memories of old cars, or tales of driving events and memorable drives.

Things I’m not keen on are articles about insurance and injury claims, car finance or yet another list of ‘Top 5 Cars That X’ or ’10 Best Cars For Y’.

If you have a specific article in mind then you can send me a copy, otherwise I’m happy to write a post from scratch. I’m happy to include commercial links for a small fee but to fit in with Google guidelines any paid posts will be disclosed as such and all links contained in the post will be marked as ‘no follow’.

Please use the Contact form to let me know me know what you need.

Product Reviews

If you’re looking to promote your latest motoring gadget then I may be able to offer you a review, either as a single post or series of posts. Simply visit the Contact form to send me a message containing some information about your product and I’ll get back to you.

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