Mugen Civic Type R Concept On The Road

There’s still no official word that the Mugen Civic Type R will be going into production, but that hasn’t stopped Mugen letting some of the motoring press loose in the car.

Autocar have been one of the lucky publications and have released this video of their drive. With 237bhp at 8,300rpm the Mugen is 20% up on power compared to the standard Civic Type R and judging by the soundtrack in the video everyone you pass will know that this isn’t the standard car. It’s a fantastic noise!

There’s more to the Mugen Civic Type R than a tuned engine. The rear seats have gone, replaced by a rear bulkhead, and the standard seats have been swapped for deep Recaros with Sabelt racing harnesses. The alloy wheels have been replaced by lighter 18-inch forged items that save 5kg per corner, while the new bonnet, wings, bumpers and front grille that form part of the new aero package are all composite. The total weight saving is just over 100kg, a healthy drop that makes the most of the new power.

Ride quality remains an issue, although the car has yet to be signed off and work is still being done to smooth over those rough edges. With any luck the Mugen Civic Type R will make it into production, but it’s expected to be a very exclusive item with just 25 cars being estimated for production. By then Mugen’s main mission will have been accomplished – to let UK buyers know that they are here, on our shores, ready to tune our Hondas.

Source: Autocar, Evo

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