Tyres With Your Groceries

When I first read that Tesco were planning to sell tyres I thought it was some sort of joke – you’d struggle to get a couple of P Zero Corsas into your trolley. But no, it turns out that Tesco are serious about entering the tyre-selling business.

Pirelli P Zero

Tesco is teaming up with Blackcircles.com, a tyre specialist company run by a former Tesco employee, Mike Welch. The idea is that you order through the Tesco Tyres website and then take your car to one of 1,200 specified garages to have them fitted. Not only are you getting a discount of up to 40% on your tyres but you can also earn reward points on your Clubcard. Tesco claims it will market “an extensive range of quality tyres” for cars, vans and motorbikes including high performance and 4×4 tyres from all major brands.

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Author: Chris Auty

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  1. So it’s basically an affiliate scheme for BlackCircles then?!

  2. Pretty much, yes. Good business move for BlackCircles though.

  3. Definitely. Good to hear the company is expanding.

    Interesting to see how much they sell for in Tesco vs how much they cost at BC.

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